Mills Pond Rabbitry

Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf and Lionhead Breeds
Various colors including Blue Eyed Whites!

Our History

We are a small rabbitry on Long Island, NY.  My name is Christine Miller and I started collecting rabbit folk art back in 1994. My house was decorated with all types of country rabbit art.

In 2008, when my youngest child went off to kindergarten, I volunteered at a rescue farm out on the eastern part of Long Island.  Upon arrival at the farm, the first building was a large 2 car garage that was converted into the rabbit house.  There were over 100 rabbits inside and I was totally amazed at how many rabbits were there.  I walked around and checked out each and every one.  Most looked in good health and some had a few issues that I pointed out to the woman who ran the farm.  I knew right away this place needed some serious help.  It was hard to find dependable volunteers and she was trying her best to keep the animals in good health and well fed with fresh water everyday.  I immediately started attending to the rabbits.  It took me over 4 hours to clean all the trays, fill all the water bottles and put a scoop of food in their dishes. I didn't even get to see all the other animals yet.  I had to go home and get cleaned up before the kids got off the bus.

In the next several days I couldn't stop thinking about the rabbits at the farm.  I would stop at vegetable stands and ask for leftover greens from the day before so I could bring them with me to the farm. As long as they weren't rotten I would bring greens and/or apples.  Well, as the days and weeks flew by I realized I was doing alot of travelling and it was taking a toll on me. I decided to give a large donation to the farm and said maybe they can use the money to get some more help.

My visits to the farm were fewer as I saw other people coming to help out. I missed being with the rabbits and seeing how excited they would get when I walked in to see them. I would sing to them and try to make them feel loved and wanted.  I know each and every one had a story of a child or person who would give them alot of attention and then as time went on their existence would not be noticed until one day they were brought here. A place where you just wait for food and water.  Never a hug or a kiss on the head. As there were too many and not enough people to spend the time needed to give affection.  

I decided to take a few bunnies into our home and create a place where hugs and kisses are plenty.  Where they can hop and run and enjoy life. Now 2010, we have 6 bunnies we have taken in and 8 purebred/pedigree that we can show and breed. We breed to help with the cost of running our rabbitry.  We usually sell for pet only but will sell to responsible breeders. We love our bunnies and try our best to find homes that they will feel the same love.


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